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    Providing Specialized Equipment  and Services  for the Healthcare Industry

    We are a medical equipment solution provider Supplying equipment solutions for skilled nursing facilities, hospices agencies, hospitals, personal care facilities and home health agencies learn more
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    Providing Medical Professionals with a solution to their MOBILITY needs

    SUPERIOR QUALITY, A VARIETY OF POSITIONING OPTIONS, CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS View our extensive line of lightweight specialty wheelchairs to find the one that is right for your patient needs. VIEW FULL CATALOG
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    Changing the way WOUNDS are healed

    PROVEN CLINICAL AND ECONOMIC OUTCOMES CAREGIVERS CAN TRUST By delivering negative pressure at the wound site through a patented dressing, this helps draw wound edges together. VIEW FULL CATALOG
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    Offering a full range of products that are considered the STANDARDS for support surfaces

    A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUPPORT SURFACES ARE AVAILABLE Widely used as aids to prevention in both institutional and non-institutional settings. VIEW FULL CATALOG
Support Surfaces

Prevention surface, with its multi-zone construction and shear liner, is designed to help reduce pressure ulcer incidence in your facility

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Specialty Chairs

Offering a full line of products to meet your seating and positioning needs, we can provide seating and positioning products for home and facility use.

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Bed Frames

Spring support, side rails, and adjustable head/footrests are just a few of the features that make our catalog of hospital beds an ideal option.

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Negative Pressure

Negative Pressure includes a collection of products that deliver negative pressure (a vacuum) to promote wound healing and/or address a variety of surgical challenges.

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Other Therapy Devices

A variety of treatment equipment for the physical therapy department or facility needs.

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Continental Health Equipment works closely with some of the leading manufactures of durable medical equipment and medical supplies in order to offer the most advance technology and training at an affordable price.

Our stellar value added services separate us from other durable medical equipment providers.

Continental Health Equipment will typically complete delivery requests within 4 hours of notification of the dispatch center. Continental Health Equipment has integrated several new technologies (electronic mapping, radio commu-nications, etc.) into it's new dispatch center. Please call our dispatch center's toll free number (1-866-603-6598) to ensure prompt friendly service.

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The staff members at Continental Health Equipment are available to conduct continuing education classes (in the area of Wound Care), and equipment in-services. Please feel free to call the dispatch center to schedule training for your facility.

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Continental Health Equipment associates are extensively trained on all products, procedures and guidelines. Each associate receives training on equipment usage and placement, basic wound terminology, infection control, right to know, resident's rights, and corporate compliance.

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Continental Health Equipment has been servicing customers in health care facilities since 1996. Continental Health Equipment offers and evaluates many types of equipment from many manufacturers to ensure that we have the best equipment to fit your individual requirements. Continental Health Equipment has on it's staff and has partnered with other organizations that have numerous years experience as administrator's, directors of nursing, and enterostomal nurses. These resources are available to answer your questions.

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Continental Health Equipment offers a myriad of financial solutions to its customers. Whether a customer wishes to purchase, lease to own, or rent equipment the staff at Continental Health Equipment can help tailor a payment solution that meets your needs.

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